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The Autumnal Florist Mum

Chrysanthemum morifolium

The Chrysanthemum is known as The Queen of Fall Flowers and we couldn't agree more! Our selection of Chrysanthemums are colors of warm orange, purple fuchsia, golden yellow, and pale white. However, there are many other colors of the Florist Mum including hues of whites, yellows, oranges, pinks, lavenders, purples, and reds.

So what is the difference between Hardy Mums and Florist Mums?

As we previously discussed here, Hardy Mums can tolerate temperatures as high as 100° with more frequent watering + shade and temperatures as low as 20° and continuing to bloom. They enjoy being outdoors among your haybales and pumpkins. The Hardy Mums is typically only grown for the Autumn season.

The Florist Mum, in retrospect, is not acclimated to withstanding the cold and should be kept indoors. The Florist Mum is grown in the Springtime and Autumn time. The Florist Mum has a green center, and is often referred to as a Daisy Mum. They are a wonderful pop of color in an arrangement or as a standalone piece in a home or business.

Similarities between Hardy Mums and Florist Mums:

Both enjoy thorough waterings every 1-2 days, managing to water at the base as to not cause a split down the middle of the plant. Furthermore, with gorgeous, dark green foliage and lavishing petals of color, they can be delicate to the touch and should be handled carefully to prevent breaks. The leaves are poisonous and should be out of reach to any curious mouths of children or pets.

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