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Alocasia Assortment

Top: Pink Princess, Purple Sword, Brina

Bottom: Chantieri, Low Rider

Did you know that there are over 90 varieties of known Alocasia? While we do our best to carry a handful of Alocasias at all times, we wanted to show off these gorgeous, unique 6" varieties that we have available for a limited time.

The Alocasia is apart of the Aroid family and likes to be in a warm, tropical environment between 65 - 85 Fahrenheit and temperatures below 55ºF will cause dormancy until the temperature rises. Alocasias grow from bulbs and are happy to return to you the following Spring after the Winter months are over.

It is best to water this plant every other week, or when the top few inches are dry. They are prone to root rot so it is best to avoid overwatering. The Alocasia does enjoy thorough humidity and this can be incorporated with a humidifier, a mister, or a pebble tray. No need to repot often because the Alocasia prefers to be rootbound. They enjoy bright, indirect light and the leaves will suffer burns if they receive too much full sun.

It is important to note that the Alocasia will begin to drop its outer leaves to promote new, larger leaves from the inside. The will turn yellow and wilt. Cutting these lower leaves off when you notice these signs will help it use its resources to grow newer leaves faster.

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