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Our Plants & Products

We specialize in indoor tropical houseplants & container gardens

with year-round appeal and seasonal celebrations


Foliage Plants

We grow and offer over 100 varieties of foliage plants, ranging from the classic houseplants such as peace lilies, palms and crotons to the more unique varieties such as pilea, calathea and peperomia.

Our plants range in sizes from 3" to 14" pots for standard options, and we are able to accommodate requests for larger plant sizes with advanced notice.

Foliage plants are trending! And they have become a staple decor component in recent years, offering peace, tranquility, refreshing vibes and new life to indoor spaces.

We showcase many of our plants in our online galleries, but please check our current availability here to know what else we have available today!

Blooming Plants

Colorful blooms and fragrance help signal the change in seasons and the passing of time in a beautiful way. They bring joyful energy to our indoor spaces!


Live potted blooming plants are also a great alternative to cut flower arrangements, offering greater longevity of beauty in larger scale of visual value at a lower cost.

We offer our blooming plants individually in sizes typically ranging from 3" to 8" pots, and we also offer our blooming plants within our container garden designs such as our "Rainforest Garden" & more.


Our Custom Container Gardens

We love to make it easy for our customers, so we create our own line of container gardens that you won't find anywhere but here!

Our container gardens are made to order every day with our highest quality plants in gift-worthy indoor containers. These garden designs are very popular because they are delivered to you 100% retail-ready!


We offer lots of interesting information and helpful tips for plant care on our ever-expanding blog. Be sure to subscribe below for notification of new blog posts, and let us know if you have any ideas you'd like to see on our blog in the future!

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