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A True Trailing Beauty

The Epipremnum Aureum is a great plant for any person that is a novice or an amateur at plant care. It has many common names such as Pothos, Ceylon Creeper, Ivy Arum, and Devil's Ivy. E. Aureum is often associated with the Pothos Genus, however, it is no longer related that family.

Though previously related, the E. Aureum has several different characteristics from the Pothos Genus. Upon looking at the Aureum, it has distinct heart shaped leaves that are similar to Philodendron, though is not apart of that Genus either. The Aureum can be described as a trailing plant with leaves that alternate sides along their trailing vines. There are many varieties, but the most well known are Golden, Marble Queen, Neon, and Jade.

The Pothos Genus includes plants with long, pointed leaves and is structurally different from the Epipremnum Genus, but the Aureum was originally classified in the Pothos family in 1880.

The Aureum plants are easy care due to their flexibility to be in higher light settings or lower light settings. If in lower light, the variegation may revert to green, but should regain its splotches if more sunlight is provided. Along with their easy light schedule, their watering schedule is just as easy! They enjoy drying out completely in between waterings. Waterings may need to be more frequent in the summer when it is hot, and less frequently in the winter when there may not be as much heat. Humidity is an added plus, but not always necessary for this plant that is happy to be around!

We hope this article has been helpful in teaching you more about Epipremnum Aureum and has provided guidance on the difference!

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