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Hardy Mums - The Outdoor Autumn Rainbow

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Chrysanthemum morifolium

Did you know..?

The name "Chrysanthemum" is derived from Greek:

chryos = gold

anthemon = flower

Hardy Mum Care Tips:

Light: Require full sun from natural light for growing season (6-8 hours)

Watering: They like to be watered frequently, but can be prone to root rot. It is important to keep them in well drained soil. It is important to water the Mums at the base, rather than over the flowers, to keep the plant from splitting. They should continue to be watered until the ground freezes to keep them blooming into the Winter.

Temperature: Can tolerate temperatures as high as 100° (can put outside now!!) with more frequent watering + shade and temperatures as low as 20° and continuing to bloom.

Blooming Time: After an old bloom has been spent, it is best to dead head and that will encourage the Mum to grow more new blooms!

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