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Tropical Foliage Houseplant Inspiration: Dieffenbachia Tiki

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Dieffenbachia Tiki

We love introducing our customers to cool plants, and you may think, "Dieffenbachia? Seen it..." BUT this variety known as "Tiki," has some cool leaf variegation that sets her apart from the crowd.

Did You Know...

Dieffenbachias contain Raphides, tiny needle-like structures similar to pineapple or cactus, that can leave an itching or burning sensation.

We suggest wearing gloves to be safe!

Dieffenbachias can grow to a mature height of 6' when they are thriving.

Pruning helps!

If they get too tall or leggy-- which happens naturally as they grow-- the oldest leaves will yellow and fall from the bottom of the cane. You can cut back to 6" above the soil if desired, but never prune more than 1/3 of your foliage at a time, to avoid plant stress.

Make your cut directly above a node at 45 degrees with a clean, sharp utensil.

Tiki is unique enough to entice plant nerds and low maintenance enough to offer as a go-to houseplant.

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