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Houseplant Inspiration: Black Velvet Alocasia

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

With its striking leaf pattern, this soft & velvety specimen, officially named Alocasia Reginula, is the "It" Alocasia of the moment. And we've got 'em.

Did You Know:

Originates from Southeast Asian jungle floors, but hates consistent wetness. Don't we all?

To help your plant stay healthy, it's a great idea to occasionally clean the leaves. Plants perform necessary processes through their leaves, so it's a great idea to mist them and immediately wipe with a clean, gentle cloth to dry.

Unlike other Aroids in her family, such as the Anthurium, Caladium, or Polly, the Black Velvet Alocasia can tolerate lower light settings.

Temperatures below 55ºF will cause dormancy until the temperature rises.

Prefers to be rootbound and should not be repotted too often.

She's a beauty, but watch out, she's highly toxic to humans and pets, so keep her away from curious mouths.

If an environmental miracle occurs, she may sprout a pale yellow bloom, but don't hold your breath!

Add the Black Velvet Alocasia to your shop collection today.

We hope this feature focus helps you sell them with confidence!

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