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Employee Spotlight: Jasper the cat

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Jasper was born less than a mile from the greenhouse at a neighboring property where he spent most of his tiny days frolicking in their front yard landscaping with his litter mates. When it came time for them to find their furrever homes, this little orange & white nugget was the very last one waiting for his new family. How could we say no to such a cute face?? So we adopted Jasper and his mama Rosie welcoming them into the greenhouse with love. Jasper has been on the team since March 2020, and he does a fantastic job.

His favorite tasks include: Greeting teammates when they arrive for work Finding the shadiest spot to take a nice 2-hour morning break Distracting teammates as they try to work Greeting customers when they arrive to pick up orders Sleeping at his desk in the office for his 2-hour afternoon break We couldn't do it without all of his hard work. Thanks Jasper!

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