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The Stunning Calathea

Calatheas thrive best in bright, indirect light. Providing filtered light helps to keep the leaves from burning in direct sunlight. They can survive in lower light settings, but do best with more light provided.

It is important to water once per week with and they prefer distilled water or rain water.

These beauties enjoy higher levels of humidity and will thrive in bathrooms and kitchens where they may get (indirect) steam. If you notice that the leaves are curling or crisping at the ends, they are in need of extra humidity and water.

Not only do they showcase beautiful patterns and colors, they also are safe to keep around your pets and are nontoxic to your furry friends. Not to mention, they are a wonderful air purifier for any office or home

Fun fact; they are often known as the "Prayer Plant" due to their leaves lifting at night in response to lower sunlight

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