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The Satisfying Snake Plant

Snake plants often make us think of Summer, but they are great to keep all year long! The easy care qualities of the Sansevieria make them a great option for households, offices, and porches alike. There are many common names for the Sansevieria, the most common being: Snake Plant, Mother In Laws Tongue, and Sand Snake.

The Snake Plant enjoys bright, filtered light and can even adjust to low light settings. Too much sun can lead to sunburns on the Sansevieria leaves which is why it is important that it receives filtered light.

Due to it its almost succulent like structure, the Snake Plant requires very little water. This plant does well to be thoroughly dried out between waterings. Watering too often, or inadequate drainage, will lead to root rot and there is often no solution once root rot occurs.

Another quality of the Sansevieria is that it requires very little humidity. This plant is known as one of the best air purifying plants (rated by NASA) and will be happy to help you reap all of its benefits!

There are many varieties of Snake Plants. We have pictured the Laurentii variety, there are many other common and unique varieties such as Zeylanica, Hahni, and Cylindrica. They do not typically differ in their care needs, like other varieties of plants often may.

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