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The Polka Dot Begonia is trending

This Polka Dot Begonia, or Begonia Maculata, is a wonderful plant that might tick all of your 'wants' for a houseplant. This plant is an easy care plant, will bloom for you, and will not take over your living space!

This is just one of the many varieties of the Begoniaceae family. Not all varieties of this family will bloom, but this particular variety produces a gorgeous pink cluster of flowers when it blooms. There are some Begonias that are known for their outdoor perennial beauty - it should be noted that this plant is NOT able to be an outdoor plant that will come back after a frost.

Like most houseplants, this Begonia prefer bright, indirect sunlight and is prone to burning (due to its variegation) if it receives a significant amount of full sun. However, if this plant receives too little light, it can become leggy. If your plant does become leggy, you can fix this problem by 'pinching' off the small leaves along the stem. This will encourage new growth for your beautiful plant!

Without consistent waterings, you may notice the Polka Dot Begonia stems appear 'skinny' and this is because it is lacking that water, or the leaves may droop at this point. You want to avoid letting your Begonia become this dry. You should water the Begonia Maculata when the top inch feels dry, but never let the soil lose complete moisture.

Fertilizing during the spring and summer will help your Begonia significantly. It will help this plant to grow large leaves, produce pink blooms, and continue to grow. With adequate care, this plant can grow up to 2' tall.

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