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The Safest Houseplants for Your Pets

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Shown above: Calathea Ornata, Medallion, and Makoyana, Spider Plant (Chlorophytum

comosum), Pepperomia Watermelon (Peperomia Argyreia), African Violet, Chinese Money

Plant (Pilea Peperomiodes)

Dog & Cat Friendly House Plants

Enjoy the benefits of your cute, cuddly pets without the worry of harming them. No need to worry about boring plants, because many of the coolest plants are nontoxic. Take it from us, pet friendly plants are the way to go!

Some popular favorites include the Polka Dot Splash, Baby Tears, Ponytail Palm, Bromeliad varieties, Calathea and Maranta varieties, Peperomia varieties, and a large variety of Ferns including Kimberly Queens and Blue Star.

To learn more about Pet Friendly plants, please click the link below to our webpage where you can view our growing gallery of our furry friends favorite plants!

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