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The Aglaonema

The Aglaonema has many different varieties all with different patterns of stripes, thought they will always have long, oval leaves. The common name for this plant is the Chinese Evergreen and is a sign of good fortune and good luck according to Feng Shui.

The Chinese Evergreen, like most houseplants, accepts bright, indirect light. However, if you would like to get into specifics there are more appropriate light conditions depending on the verities. Varieties such as Maria and Stripes that have darker leaves will do best in lower light settings. Varieties such as Silver Bay and Emerald Bay that have lighter leaves will do best in brighter light settings.

The Aglaonema likes a thorough watering, and then to dry out well before receiving more water and typically does not require any added humidity. Though, you can add humidity by leaving out a pebble tray with water.

This plant is most comfortable between 60 - 80 Degrees Fahrenheit. It's important to keep the Chinese Evergreen away from drafts and windows that could be cold as this could harm the plant.

The Chinese Evergreen should be kept away from curious pets and children as it is known to be toxic.

Overall, the Aglaonema is a wonderful houseplant whether you are a pro or are just putting your foot into the door of the plant world. We think you'll love it just as much as we do!

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