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Specialty Garden made in (green)house

Not only are many of our plants grown here, but we also use them in a variety of dish gardens. This particular garden includes (1) 4" Assorted Green Foliage, (5) 3" Assorted Green Foliage , and (1) 9" Metal Container.

Care Tips:

While all plants have different care needs, a good rule of thumb is to provide bright, indirect sunlight for all plants to thrive in their own way. Plants may need more sunlight during the winter since the sun rays are less harsh and more filtered light in the summer where the sun could be hitting them for most of the day.

During these cold winter seasons we know it can be difficult to stay warm, but it is important to keep plants above 65 F so that they do not get frost bitten. Also, it is best to keep your plants off of windows or away from vents where they could have a draft blowing on them or become cold or too hot.

The gardens enjoy light waterings about once per week, or less often during cold temperatures.

In between your light watering, you can spritz with water to keep moss and plants happy and hydrated with humidity. This is a great practice during colder seasons since the air is so much more dry and can lead to crisping leaves. It is important to not overwater the gardens because there are no drainage holes and no way for excess water to escape.

We hope these tips help you to have happy, beautiful gardens!

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