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Our Custom Rainforest Gardens

The Rainforest Garden is the perfect gift for anyone that provides a bit of sunshine as we move into cooler weather.

Did you know...

Our Rainforest Gardens are retail-ready and custom made for you with a selection of beautiful blooming plants and many foliage plants grown by us?

Our Rainforest Gardens features an African Violet, a Kalanchoe, and a Rieger Begonia along with one of our assorted green plants. Some of our featured varieties are pictured below (click arrow to view more). These varieties in order are assorted Ferns, assorted Peperomia, Heartleaf Philodendron, and Golden Pothos

Care Tips for Mixed Gardens:

Gardens should be displayed indoors only. Many plants do not take to harsh weather conditions. It is very easy in the sun for green plants and blooming plants to become sunburnt or dry out. In colder conditions, plants may freeze over and do not have a good chance of regrowing once freezing.

Due to the gardens being in closed containers, it is best to water them lightly every 3 - 4 days. It is important to not drown them as they could develop root rot.

To keep your garden blooming, it is best to deadhead old blooms on your kalanchoes, begonias, and violets. Once they have been deadheaded, the plant can focus on producing new blooms, though it may take some time. You can typically expect the plants to bloom, on average, twice per year.

While many plants have different care needs, it is important to provide basic plant lighting. The best lighting is filtered and indirect. As discussed above, the plant can become burnt or roast in sunlight, especially afternoon sun.

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