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How to protect your plants during a heat wave

As we know, June - August are particularly hot months and we have been warned of a heat wave over the next several days

To best protect your plants from this heat wave we recommend:

  • Providing adequate shade with a shade cloth if outdoors or by moving them to a shaded area if possible during the afternoon hours that will be the most drastic.

  • Giving your plants a GOOD watering in the morning time. It's best to do this in the morning before the sun is hot because the water can cause the leaves to burn. An extra level of hydration will help keep your plant in its best shape.

  • If possible, add a pebble tray near your plants for them to pick up extra water and humidity.

  • Adding mulch is another option to help your plants retain water and humidity while catching intense sun rays.

Signs of heat damage:

  • Leaves may have spots of brown, yellow, or white where they have become sunburned. In this case, it is best to cut off these leaves because those leaves will not heal from the new markings.

  • Many plants may seem to wilt if they are too hot. This can be fixed by dunking the plant into a bucket of water for several minutes. Keep the water room temperature so you do not shock the plant more. Some examples of plants that will wilt are Peace Lilies, Kalanchoes, Pothos varieties, and Philodendron varieties.

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