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Fun items in stock this Spring...

We love the Spring for its new pops of fresh, seasonal colors: Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths, Calla Lilies, and Azaleas. The first signs that warmer weather is on the way (or a new cold front, such as this week). These blooming plants do best in cooler temperatures and like a good watering or you may notice them wilting or turning yellow.

Some of our later Spring items include Hydrangeas and Gardenias. It is best to avoid getting the blooms wet on these and giving them thorough waterings. These should be available in the coming weeks!

Our classic blooming plants, such as kalanchoes, begonias, and African violets are available the majority of the year. Though, their care needs vary.

Kalanchoes are a type of succulent and can survive in higher temperatures, though can burn so it is best to provide them shade. Like succulents, they can have longer droughts between waterings than most blooming plants.

Begonias are a large family known as the Begoniaceae Family. The blooming variety that we use are known as Reiger Begonias. They prefer to stay out of very hot areas and like decent shade. They should be watered more frequently than the kalanchoes, avoiding the blooms when watering. Our recommendation is to bottom water these, if possible.

African violets are lovely to have in gardens or as a single plant. They are pet friendly, fast growing, and will usually rebloom within a few months. They also do not like to be very hot and may wilt in direct heat. They like to be bottom watered, as the blooms will develop speckles when watered overhead.

We hope you are as excited for Spring plants as we are!

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