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Fall for Autumn Plants: Best Houseplants for Fall Vibes

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

We all love Autumn for its rich hues of reds, oranges, and purples... and we are sure you will love these favorites of ours!

Rubber Ficus (Ficus Elastica) : No matter the variety, this plant will brighten your day. Colors are often Green, Purple, and variegated shades of Green, Pink, and Purple. This plant prefers bright, indirect light and thorough waterings. Fun Fact - The Rubber Tree is so cool that Frank Sinatra wrote a hit song about them called High Hopes! Listen to it here!

Neon Pothos : Will add a pop of color to any environment. A great accent color for Fall and all year round. The Neon Pothos is an easy care plant that can adjust from low light to indirect light and enjoys to be watered when the top 2-3" are dry. Fun Fact - Though often known as a Pothos, this plant is in fact an Epipremnum aureum along with its fellow varieties Golden, Marble Queen, and Snow Queen.

Alocasia Polly (Alocasia Amazonica) : Fabulous purple leaves that are a Halloween dream.. These Polly's like bright, indirect light, warmer temperatures, and like to be watered weekly to hydrate from the warm sun. Fun Fact - The Alocasia Polly is known for going dormant in Winter - and shooting back up in Spring! Hold on to its bulb and it is sure to make you happy again!

Money Tree (Pachira aquatica) : We can all use a little extra luck and the Money Tree is said to help. This plant enjoys light and likes to be turned to evenly disperse the light. A good watering every 2 weeks will help this plant to thrive. Fun Fact - Legend has it that the name Money Tree came about when a poor man found this tree and started selling its seeds.

Braided Snake Plant (Sansevieria Cylindrica) : Possibly one of the easiest care plants, the Braided Snake Plant can tolerate (almost) anything you throw at it. This plant requires light watering and is happy in low light and filtered light settings. Fun Fact - This plant, along with all Snake Plants, is one of the best air purifying plants and can remove toxins such as Benzene and Formaldehyde.

Peperomia Ripple (Peperomia caperata) : A fast grower, this plant will compliment any pot and provide all of the Fall feelings... Enjoys florescent and grow lights, as well as, indirect bright light. Prefers bottom watering as to avoid getting the leaves wet. Fun Fact - The Peperomia, along with its other varieties, can be propagated from a single leaf or stem - no node needed!

Croton Petra (Codiaeum variegatum) : Possibly the most well-known Fall favorite with its hints of vibrant reds, burnt oranges, and lemon yellows. The Croton enjoys bright light and drying out entirely between waterings. Fun Fact - The Croton was named after the Greek word krótos meaning 'tick' because the Croton seeds looked like ticks.

Calathea (Rufibarba, Oppenheimiana, Exotica, Setosa) : Enjoys medium to filtered, bright light, but can burn if given unfiltered light. Should be watered with distilled water or rain water and does best when given a supple amount of humidity. Fun Fact - Given its nickname 'Prayer Plant' due to its unique leaf movement that resembles praying hands in accordance to sunlight.

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