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Tropical Foliage Houseplant Inspiration: The Ficus Audrey

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

The Audrey is one of the many varieties in the Ficus family, similar to the Fiddle Leaf Fig and the Rubber plant. Soft, fuzzy oblong leaves are a key feature to this beauty!

Did You Know:

The Audrey, Ficus benghalensis, is best known as its tree form and can grow up to 100' tall and several acres wide in its natural habitat! However, as an indoor houseplant, you can expect an average of 10' tall and 4' wide which is still a fantastic display for any room!

Though she is a Ficus, the Audrey is considered an easier care plant than her relatives! It is best to let the top 2-3" dry out between waterings, but drying out more than a few inches can result in leaves dropping. She likes bright, indirect light and can get sunburnt if there is direct sun for several hours.

When pruning, it is important to wear protective gloves and have towels ready as the Audrey will expel a sticky, glue like sap that can irritate the skin. Propagations should have a node and 2 - 3 leaves, stuck directly in soil with rooting hormone, and in a warm, humid spot to help aide in rooting.

We hope this feature focus helps you sell them with confidence!

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